Privacy Policy

Grab A Proxy Privacy Policy
Nov 26, 2018

This privacy policy describes how Grab A Proxy, collects and processes personal information from any user of our services, as well as our use and disclosure of such information.

When you use our service, you agree to let us process your information as we describe in this Privacy Policy.

1. Collection of personal information

1.1 Personal information

"Personal information" means any information that identifies you and includes information provided by you when using our services.

1.1a Requests To Our Servers

We do not store any of your browsing history. Any requests sent to our servers are merely to return a proxy or quality control test of said proxy. We do not store these requests or any information about you during these requests.

1.2 Cookies & Canvas Fingerprinting

When you use Grab A Proxy, we may store one or more cookies - a small text string - on your computer. These cookies can be persistent, that is, they may remain after you close your browser window. Please refer to your browser's "Help" for information on removing cookies. We also may create a unique fingerprint of your browser using the HTML5 canvas. This allows us to monitor abuse of our services.

1.3 Account information

When you create your Grab A Proxy account, we provide you with an anonymous Account Session ID that is persistently stored in your web browser localstorage. You may also link additional information to your account, such as your e-mail address in the future.

1.4 Operational data

To ensure continuous delivery of our Services, we have to automatically record some information from your web browser and/or client software using different technologies, including canvas fingerprinting, cookies, unique id and proxy country selection. The information does not identify the User personally. Grab A Proxy uses such information in the aggregate for various purposes, including monitoring of the proxy/vpn service. The extension will send back your country selection in the popup box so we may deliver a matching proxy for that country.

2. Use of Personal Information

2.1 Use

Grab A Proxy may use automatically-collected information in the aggregate for the purpose of monitoring, research or analysis. The information is collected only when Grab A Proxy service is currently active. We also use images/iframes/ loaded at most once an hour to monitor the quality of our proxies. The extension user consents to authorize access to resources within Google services. All javascript code is run locally on the extension and no privacy sensitive data is returned to our servers. All access token or cookies are safe and secure and not transmitted back to our servers. You grant us authorization to resources that can retrieve, insert, update, or delete when acting as the authenticated user. You grant this extension the authorization that is the equivalent of giving an OAuth authorization of Google api keys.

2.2 Disclosure

Grab A Proxy may share anonymous data in aggregated form with third parties, including its affiliates, advertisers and other current or prospective business partners. Grab A Proxy may use anonymous data for web site administration, advertising and promotional purposes and may share such information with affiliated and unaffiliated entities for such purposes.

Grab A Proxy may provide access to anonymous data collected from Grab A Proxy users to outside companies for purposes of monitoring, analytics, advertising and marketing.

Grab A Proxy may be required to disclose available personal information to comply with legal law enforcement requests.

3. Proxy exceptions

The extension doesn't proxy requests to the following domains: localhost, and various google services. The requests to these domains will be sent directly even if Grab A Proxy extension is enabled.

4. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may need to update the Privacy Policy from time to time. Your continued use of the Service after the effective date of such changes constitutes your acceptance of such changes. The effective date will be reflected in the "last modified" notice above.

5. Contact information

If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at